Muscle Tension

The muscles in my neck are incredibly sore at the moment, most likely due to spending too much time staring down at my phone/Nintendo Switch and so I have been taking every opportunity to stretch, including with my students in their singing lessons.  Tension is the devil for any singer so any tools for getting rid of niggling muscle aches are most welcome.

Most days I am fighting with pretty permanent jaw tension so don’t need any other muscle pain added to the mix.  I know that my singing technique is on point whenever it feels effortless and completely free flowing.  Muscle tension can hamper that so I like to do all I can to just relax.  I experimented with my students a bit this week and got them to raise their arms and reach for the ceiling as they inhaled to stretch, stretch, stretch.  They enjoyed this and there was some fab singing afterwards.

I follow many yoga and pilates Instagram accounts and one recently popped up showing some very simple stretches for helping with anxiety.  I love that breathing is also a massive focus which is a bonus for all singers.  These stretches certainly calm me but also make me feel ten times taller and tension free, perfect for a good sing song.

My routine is detailed below, though as a disclaimer I must add that these should only be done if you know your body and know it is safe to do so.  Any doubts please go speak to your doctor.  Otherwise, enjoy the stretch!


Child’s Pose for 8 breaths

Cat – Cow for 8 rounds

Standing Forward Fold for 8 breaths

Tree for 5 breaths on each leg

Bridge (my favourite!) for 10 breaths

Legs up the Wall for 20 breaths


As seen on the Instagram account @inflexibleyogis