Happy Halloween

Yesterday was Halloween and I admit I felt a little upset by the masses of trick-or-treaters we received as it meant no sweeties left over for me.  I had put two aside when the bowl was running low but couldn’t resist parting with them to some gorgeously ghoulish little witches.

Of all annual festivities, it is Halloween where music really ups the ante for setting the scene; minor chords, tremolo violins, the Theremin…  My trusted go-to music for getting in the spooky mood is the thrilling opening theme to Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice.  I just love it.  But this could be for nostalgic reasons as I first saw it when I was pretty young (too young to watch it really) and cannot help but think back to all the crazy nightmares I used to have as soon as that music started – “Daylight come and me wan’ go home.”  The Edward Scissorhands soundtrack is also a winner, in fact anything by Danny Elfman really, the King of Macabre.

As I was trawling the Spotify Halloween playlists yesterday, I came across 2WEI whose version of Britney’s Toxic had been used for an epic pro dance in last weekend’s Strictly Come Dancing.  I am now slightly obsessed with their grand production (to be expected as their music is used in blockbuster international advertising campaigns) and have been stomping the autumnal streets with their album Sequels as my soundtrack.  Not your traditional Halloween music maybe, but dark and dramatic nevertheless.