Teaching Online

This week I have I have learnt that computers need a lot of TLC.

And yes, that is three laptops in that picture!

Making the switch to online teaching has required jumping a number of hurdles but I’d say the biggest has been sorting reliable and good technology.  There is a big difference between having a Skype chat with your mates and teaching a 7 year old the rhythms in Any Dream Will Do over a dodgy internet connection.  I had especially worried about my younger students, thinking that frozen screens and the unavoidable sound delay would put them off.

But I was proved completely wrong!  During my first online week I had it all – freeze screen, delay, random crashing, but the kids just accepted it and even thought it was funny.  I guess this is just the tech savvy generation.

I’ll go into the full details of my setup in another blog, but will say that the biggest game changer has been buying a nice smart flat cable which means I can be plugged into the internet but not have ugly wires running through the house.  As we are currently stuck at home, it is important that the home still looks nice!