Why I describe myself as a Singing Coach

There’s no difference right? Between a Teacher and a Coach? WRONG!

I suppose I am a bit of both, as being classically trained teaching good musicality to my students is part of my DNA. But being someone who has had many good and bad teachers over the years, I have adapted more coaching practice into my teaching and place and always focus on the positives, however great or small they may be. I actively praise and encourage so students build self belief and the confidence to develop. For a long while I worked as development Coach in a busy office, helping colleagues get through personal challenges (e.g. overcoming the dreaded interview nerves, or adapting to organisational changes.) Now I coach my students through their singing and performance challenges.

With coaching, the goal is for the individual to realise/experience the solution themselves, not to just be told what to do. This way they really learn and GROW, which handily is an acronym for a coaching model I apply with my singing students!


– What do you want?

– How will you know you’ve got there?

– What will this give you?


– Where are you right now?

– What challenges have you overcome?

– What have you learnt?


– How might I achieve this?

– How would I do it if I had no fear?

– What is possible (considering all possibilities)?


– What will you definitely take action on?

– When will you take action?

– How will you feel when you take the action?

So for one of my students, a common Goal is to sing in front of an audience. Their Reality is that often a previous negative experience or low self esteem which is subsequently holding them back. Through me helping them improve their vocal technique and learning new approaches to their singing they move into the Options stage, before declaring that they Will get out there and sing for that audience!

When you are empowered and have belief in yourself, you become invincible. And this is why I am a Coach.